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Using ADDON.CFG to Apply Registry Changes

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By Jonathan Laudicina

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Posted: 20 Mar 2003

Using ADDON.CFG to Apply Registry Changes During the GroupWise Client Install

Certain client settings can only be applied via the GroupWise client interface. Settings like ?Default Compose View' and ?Default Read View' are written to the Windows workstation registry when the end user selects them. As an administrator, you could apply these settings via ZENworks for Desktops. However, if you're not running ZEN, or user runs the GroupWise client on a workstation that does not use the Novell Client, you're options are become more limited. Remote users who only log in over the Internet become more of a challenge.

This document outlines what can be done to address this type of configuration. The solution uses Novell's ADDON option, which is available for your use when you configure your automated GW client install. See ?Modifying ADDON.CFG':

Tay Kratzer and Danita Zanre have already outlined how administrators can automate their GW client upgrades via the SETUPIP utility. Configure your client upgrade as they've outlined here:

This document assumes you've followed Tay and Danita's instructions in the link above. After configuring everything else, proceed with steps 1-8 below to include the ADDON.

  1. Find this path under your post office software distribution directory:

  2. If the ADDONS directory does not exist, create it.

  3. Under the ADDONS directory create the sub-directory REGHAC

  4. Copy regedit.exe from your workstation to the REGHAC directory

  5. Copy the *.reg file that you want imported during the GW Client install to the REGHAC directory as REGHAC.REG

  6. Create the file, ADDON.CFG, in the REGHAC directory path. See file contents below:
    Parameters=/s reghac.reg
    US=Registry Specific GW Settings
    US=our registry settings 
  7. Note: The Size=1 line should be set to match the total KB of the size of your REGHAC.REG file

  8. Lastly, add the following lines to your SETUP.CFG file (located in the WIN32 directory):

When your users upgrade their GroupWise client, the registry file reghac.reg will be imported at the end of the installation process.

Jonathan Laudicina, MCNE, CNE4, CNE5, CNE GW

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