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How to send a "Reminder" to yourself using Notify

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By Elaine Siebenthal

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Posted: 9 Apr 2003

Problem: How do I send myself a reminder for a meeting, appointment, task, or entry on my calendar?

Solution: Notify is a great function of GroupWise that will enable you to send a "reminder" to yourself for an entry on your calendar from minutes prior, to days prior.

This is how it works...

  1. First, Ensure that you are using the Notify program in conjunction with GroupWise. If you want to ensure that your Notify program opens every morning, go to Start>Programs>GroupWise 5 and copy & paste the GroupWise Notify program to your Startup file (also located under Start>Programs). Each morning when you start your computer the GroupWise Notify program will "startup" on it's own.

  2. Current Appointment: go to a current entry on your calendar and right-click on the entry. Choose Alarm from the options. Set the hours or minutes on the alarm to remind you of your entry.

  3. New Appointment: when creating a new entry in your calendar, choose Actions>Alarm and set the hours or minutes on the alarm to remind you of your entry.

SPECIAL NOTE: you can set a "program to launch when the alarm goes off" by browsing your files. This will enable you to set a specific file you are working on to open automatically, i.e., Notify will open your Word document when the alarm goes off so you can complete your assignment during the time you set for yourself on the calendar.


Use this Alarm function to remind you days prior to an eval due date, minutes prior to a meeting, a month prior to a contract renewal date, or remind yourself of a call back you need to make in the future (set your call back entry on your calendar and set the alarm to remind you in advance).

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