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Saving Voice-Message attachments

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By Erik O'Neill

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Posted: 9 Apr 2003

Problem: MULTIPART/Voice-Message attachments cannot be decoded to a .WAV file with GroupWise 6.0.2. Unified Messaging is provided to our company via our telephone provider and sent as MULTIPART/Voice-Message wav file attachment via the GWIA. The GroupWise client will only show the WAV file as an attachment if it was downloaded via POP3 and no attachment in Live, Caching, or Remote mode.

Solution: Save the Mime.822 attachment with a .EML extention and open it with Outlook Express or Outlook. You do not need to configure Outlook (Express) for your email system to do this. Once the EML is open you will see the WAV file shown in the attachment field to be opened.

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