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Forwarding Email Rule

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By Nanang Bagus Trisna

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Posted: 9 Apr 2003

Problem: An employee has left the company, after 2 weeks he would like to have his last 2 weeks mail to be forwarded to new e-mail address. As he has so many rule and folders, it would take time to search and forward manually.

Solution: Create a rule to forward received mail items for the last 2 weeks to the new e-mail address of user.

  1. Create a forward e-mail rule:
    • Tools > Rules > Type rule name
    • choose user activated on field when even is.
    • Item types : mail
    • Conditions : None
    • On action choose forward mail
    • On to field type recepient e-mail address
    • Save the rule

  2. Use find utility and choose Item type:MAIL, Item Source:RECEIVE, and specify date range to retrieve.
  3. The result window will pop up.
  4. Highlight all e-mail by hit CTRL+A
  5. While highlighted, click tools > Rules > highlight the rule that you just made and click RUN.
  6. All of the selected mail for the last 2 weeks will be forwarded to new email address.

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