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Stop Employee Spam Rule

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By Peter Goudswaard

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Posted: 9 Apr 2003

Problem: With over 60% of incoming email as spam, part of the problem is spam from staff. Instead of using the staff web site or a shared GW folder for distributing information, they continually spam all GroupWise users.

Solution: I used to write each employee a brief personalized note, but there were too many to write, so I came up with a quick and easy method to reply to a user with an explanation of what spam is and how not to propagate it.

  1. Create a folder called "Stop employee spam" in your cabinet. The purpose of this will be explained further on.

  2. Now we'll create a rule to deal with the spam, so go to Tools, Rules, New.

  3. Name your rule "Stop employee spam", and change "When event is" to "Filed Item", then select the "Stop employee spam" folder.

  4. Leave "If conditions are" blank so that the rule will act on any item, and "Appointment conflict exists" to "Does not matter".

  5. Add Action, Reply, check "include message received from sender" and click OK.

  6. Make subject "Email Spam Auto-message" or something similar. For the message, I use this: "Please consider using the staff web site or shared GW folders for public notices, not email. The staff web site or shared folders are better choices for distributing communications to a larger group. Many people get very frustrated with the amount of spam they receive, including emails like your own, especially when it isn't relevant to them. Please help us cut down on spam by learning how to use the staff web site or shared GW folders for public notices." Click OK to complete the message.

  7. Now click Add Action again, and this time choose Delete/Decline and click OK.

  8. Click Save, then Close the rules window.

  9. Now when you receive an email from an employee that you consider spam, just drag their message into the "stop employee spam" folder and they will receive the anti-spam message. The rule will also delete their email from this folder.

  10. A final note, if you ever want to undelete one of these processed emails, you will need to deactivate the spam rule. If you don't, when the item gets undeleted, the rule will send them another reply and delete the message again.

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