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Forward and Delete Rule

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By Andris Tare, May Thao

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Posted: 9 Apr 2003

Problem: The e-mail is forwarded and the mailbox size exceeds capacity. Forwarded account cannot get forwarded e-mails.

Solution: This rule will forward your e-mail and delete and empty the copy of the sent items (e-mail) and the actual e-mail. You will not have to worry about the size of your mailbox getting full and continue to enjoy forwarded e-mails.

Note: Once emptied, there is not a way to recover e-mails .

  1. Click on Tools and Rules from the menu.
  2. Click New button
  3. Enter Rule name. For example, ?GW Forward and Delete?
  4. Check Received and Sent in ?And Items are?? section
  5. Check All Item Types
  6. Click on Add Action drop down and select Forward
  7. Enter e-mail address to forward
  8. Click OK
  9. Click on Add Action dropdown and select Empty Item
  10. Click Save button
  11. Make sure the rule is checked
  12. Click Close button
Andris Tare and May Thao

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