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Restoring Archived User Email after Server Re-installation

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By Ramesh Daryani

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Posted: 10 Apr 2003

Problem: Due to some problem we had to do the reinstallation of the server (NetWare 5.1, GroupWise, BorderManager etc.) and we were hesitating for re-installation of the server because we were told that if we go for re-installation of the server, all our users will lose their mails and even if they have archived their mails then also it will not be possible to restore the archived mails because when we do reinstallation of Groupwise the FIDs of users doesn't remain same.

Solution: We tried to avoid re-installation job for some time and searched on for any option available and fortunately we found a GroupWise 5.x Archive FID Editor 1.0 utility (gwafe510.exe) which was quite effective in restoring the archived mails of all the users. Thanks to Novell's Support site which helped me alot at so many instances when I am in trouble.

EXAMPLE: Following syntax to be used to restore:

GW5AFE <PathToArchive> <NewFID> <DomainContext>

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