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Rebuilding Domain and Post Office Databases over slow WAN

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By Gene Homan

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Posted: 10 Apr 2003

Problem: Our GroupWise system has Domains and Post Offices located over a slow WAN link and administered by a single administrator at a central site. Admin needs to rebuild the Domain and Post Office databases from the central site.

Solution: Since rebuilding over WAN links is very painful, slow and sometimes ends up with a corrupt database at the end, here's how you can get it done very quickly.

  1. "Suspend" the Admin thread on the GWMTA and GWPOA for the Domain & PO that you are going to Rebuild.

  2. Rebuild the Domain DB locally (i.e. C:\GWTEMP\) by overriding the UNC Path presented when you are going through the Domain Rebuild steps.

  3. Copy the standard GWPOA.DC to C:\GWTEMP.

  4. Issue a C1 > Tools > GW System Operations > Select Domain command.

  5. Enter in C:\GWTEMP.

  6. Now you do the Rebuild of the PO DB to C:\GWTEMP also (like above) while you are connected to the Domain DB (non-production now) that owns this PO.

  7. Once finished, "Connect" back to a Domain that is in the production system.

  8. Copy the two .DB files just rebuilt from C:\GWTEMP out to the remote site over the WAN link, but first unload the GWMTA and GWPOA programs prior to placing the .DB files in their final location.

  9. Re-load the GWMTA or GWPOA after the file is in place.
Gene Homan

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