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Posted: 15 May 2003

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Changing an item in your mailbox to another item type.

You receive an e-mail that says to call Dr Suess on June 2 regarding the information in the message. So where do you file it so it doesn't get lost?

Solution: You can use the 'Change To' function to convert an item in your Mailbox to another type of item. Change your message item to a note item on the day you need to place the call. All of the information in the original e-mail message will be contained in the note message. No filing necessary.


  1. Click on the item you want to change

  2. Click on Edit > scroll down to Change To

  3. Select Reminder Note, Appointment, or even Task

  4. Change the date to the date you would like this new item to be on your Calendar

  5. Click Post

And now you have all the information regarding that returned call without wasting time searching for the original message.

Other Suggestions:

  • CChapman

    Feedback: The only problem with this is the sender information is not retained when the e-mail is converted to a task (a feature I use several times a day). This is incredibly inconvenient when I look at the task and I have no idea who requested it originally - so I forward the e-mail to my account so the "thread" is included. I convert the forwarded e-mail to a task so the originator information is included in the information.

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