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Creating Shortcuts to Start GroupWise in Different Modes

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By Durwin Hannig

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Posted: 8 May 2003

Here is a faster way of starting GroupWise in different modes (online vs. caching vs. remote) by using parameters on the command line.

Many users do not know about these command line switches. To switch between modes many users set this option when the GroupWise client is running.

Solution: To quickly go into the desired GroupWise mode, create three different desktop shortcuts to GroupWise (GRPWISE.EXE). In the properties of these shortcuts append the Target with these command line options:

  • For online mode append: /ipa-<ip address> /ipp-<ip port> where <ip address> is the ip address of the post office agents for the user and <ip port> is the port that the post office agent is listening for the users request (default port is 1677)

  • For caching mode append: /pc-<path to cache> where <path to cache> is the local directory to where the users cache is, i.e. C:\MyGWcach

  • For remote mode append: /ps-<path to remote> where <path to remote> is the local path to where the remote databases where downloaded to.

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