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Moving Completed Tasks out of Task Folder

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By Sayed Hashimi

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Posted: 22 May 2003

How To Save Completed Tasks

Problem: Since the Task List is a Find Results Folder, if you move a task from that folder to another it will still show up in the Task List.

In order to reduce clutter from the Task List you should move completed tasks out of that folder.

Solution: To do this you should create a new folder entitled 'Completed Tasks'. Once you mark a task as completed, make a note of the subject so you can find the item after you change its item type. Now right-click on the completed task, go to 'Change to...' check the 'Mail' radio button. Then click 'OK'. Now the mail message that was created will be displayed. If you want you can make a note of any relevant information in the Message area, like the sender, or start date, or due date, etc. Then click 'Post'. Now the item will appear in your mailbox, so go there. Find the item, then simply drag-n-drop your message into the 'Completed Tasks'.

Now you don't have to spend time sifting through a pile of completed tasks to get to the uncompleted ones.

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