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Recovering Deleted GroupWise Accounts in GroupWise 6.5

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Posted: 29 May 2003

If you have a reliable backup procedure in place, you can restore recently deleted user account using the new Recover Deleted Account Utility in GroupWise 6.5. Here is a TID from Novell Technical Support that explains how to use it.

TID-10082831 - Recover and Restore a Deleted User in GroupWise 6.5

Recovering the users account:

It is important to restore the user with the same FID (File ID) that they were assigned prior to the deletion. To do this GroupWise 6.5 has added a utility to the GroupWise administration tool (ConsoleOne with GW 6.5 snapins). It is called "Recover Deleted Account" and is found in Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Recover Deleted Account.

This utility lets you point to a backup copy of the primary domain database (there needs to be a copy of the database prior to the user being deleted). You then select the account (from a browser) that needs to be restored. The utility will then create the user into the live system with the information that existed prior to the deletion.

It will also generate a information screen that can be copied to the clipboard and used to identify the public groups that the user was associated to at the time of the backed up primary domain database. This can be used to add the user to each necessary group.

Restoring the users mailbox:

To restore the mailbox, one of two ways can be used:

  1. Restore a copy of the users database back to the <post office>\ofuser directory and run GWCheck with Analyze and Fix, with a contents check. (Only use this method if your backed up copy of the user database is recent and you are restoring the user shortly after they were deleted. If they have been deleted for more then a week, it is recommended that you use option #2.

  2. or

  3. Use the Backup/Restore Mailbox feature (see documentation for details on setting up the Restore Area and granting rights to the user).

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