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Rule for Filtering Offensive GroupWise Spam

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By Mike Schmid

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Posted: 5 Jun 2003

Problem: As the frequency and volume of Spam e-mail increases, the occurrence of randomly mailed offensive Spam also increases. Many of these e-mails contain offensive words in the sender's e-mail address, the subject line, or the body of the e-mail message.

Furthermore, because the sender's e-mail address varies wildly, filtering by sender requires constant rule modification for each new address.

Solution: By creating a rule that detects and discards e-mail based on offensive words showing up in either the sender's e-mail address, the subject line, or the message body, the offensive e-mail no longer has to be viewed, and the rule requires less maintenance.


  1. Identify a list of words that you wish to stop "seeing" in e-mail that would be offensive to you. Be careful not to include words that may prevent you from getting e-mail that you wish to receive - start out with blatantly offensive stuff. If you can keep the list down to the twelve most common offensive words that you've received, it will simplify things as you will see below.

  2. With GroupWise open, click on Tools > Rules

  3. Click on New.

  4. Title the Rule "Offensive E-mail Filter," or whatever you wish.

  5. Click on Define Conditions. Change the first Drop Down box to read "Subject". In the second field, enter the first word from your list. Change the button that says "End," to "Or," and you will see that it creates a new row for a new condition. Repeat these steps until you've got a new line for each word. Create another condition line, but change the first box to "Message," rather than "Subject," and repeat this section for each word in your list. Leave the last button of the last line as "End." Click the "OK" button.

    *There seems to be a limit of 24 conditions per rule. Therefore, if your list of words is greater than twelve (twelve for Subject plus the same twelve for Message), it will require a separate rule. Rules get processed sequentially.

  6. Click on the drop-down for "Add Action," click "Empty," and click "OK."

  7. Test your rule by sending yourself something contains one of your words. You can use non-offensive test words if you wish (ex: "offensiveword1," "offensiveword2," etc.), to avoid sending offensive words through your employer's e-mail system. If your rule worked, you should not receive it.

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