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Monitor Bosses Email Using Shared Folders

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By Holly Newman

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Posted: 12 Jun 2003

Problem: Executive wants Assistant to see/read all of his inbound and outbound mail. Proxy won't work because the status will change when she reads it. Their solution was to create two rules that forwarded all of his inbound and outbound mail to his EA. Problems are obvious - double message store, bad 'from' reference in her mailbox, etc.

Solution: Created two shared folders: Boss Outbound Mail and Boss Inbound Mail. Buried them in his cabinet under folder called 'Shared with EA' so he wouldn't get confused. Created two rules that LINK all of his inbound and outbound mail to the appropriate shared folder. Result:

  1. No doubling of message store
  2. Quicker Caching sync for him
  3. She is notified when new items appear with the Unread icon next to the shared folder
  4. Her review of the messages doesn't change the status in his Mailbox.
  5. Integrity of the sender is maintained from her point of view.

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