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GroupWise Aliases vs. Nicknames

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Posted: 3 Jul 2003

TID-10012483 - GroupWise Aliases vs. Nicknames


An optional ID for a user, resource, or group. A nickname can be used to shorten a lengthy address, to control object visibility, or to identify a user in a role instead of as an individual. For example if the Account ID was john and you have a nickname of jsmith an internal user can send to john or jsmith.

Additional Facts:

  1. You can have multiple GroupWise Nicknames for each user.
  2. Nicknames are not attached to outbound messages. This means that a user may receive mail as as their nickname (i.e. "sales") but would always send mail as their default address.
  3. You cannot use '@host name" in the nickname.

GroupWise documentation states: Nicknames are not displayed in the Address Book, which means users will need to know the nickname to use it. In addition, nicknames are not valid Internet addresses. For example, Internet users cannot address a message to nickname@host.

Read the following sections in the GroupWise 6.5 documentation for more information Nicknames:


A GroupWise Alias allows you to send and receive mail under a different Internet Domain than the default Foreign ID. For example, if your Internet domain name is, but you have users who need to receive mail at you can create a GroupWise Alias.

Additional Facts:

  1. The alias must be a registered domain name.
  2. You must also have an MX record published for that domain name that points to the correct IP address for your GWIA.
  3. You can only have one GroupWise Alias per gateway.
  4. Users with GroupWise Aliases set up cannot pick and choose which Internet Domain name they want to send out and receive mail as. They will send out and receive using the Alias only if they have one set up.

Read the following section in the GroupWise 6.5 documentation for more information on Aliases:

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