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Tip for Managing Your Sent Items

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By Sayed Hashimi

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Posted: 3 Jul 2003

If you are looking for a specific item that you sent it can sometimes be difficult to find the right item. It is especially difficult if you have ever used the Auto-date feature to send a items on a schedule you will realize that your sent items will be cluttered with a lot of copies of your auto-dated items. Sometimes it's hard to sift through all the auto-date items to find an item that is actually not 1 or 2000 copies of the same item. In order to help speed up the process of finding the item you are looking for you can setup more specific sent items folders, because the standard one will no longer work.

Depending on what kind of items you typically send you should create folders for each sent item type. In other words, if you send mail, tasks, and appointments regularly. You should create 3 new folders

  1. Sent Mail Items
  2. Sent Task Items
  3. Sent Appointment Items

If you regularly send other item types then you should create a folder for those item types also.

To create the 'Sent Mail Items' folder follow these steps, from the GroupWise main menu.

  1. Right click on the Cabinet form the folder list, or where you want the folder to be created, and select 'New Folder'
  2. From the dialog that pops up, select the 'Find Results Folder' radio button.
  3. Also ensure that the 'Custom find results folder' radio button is selected.
  4. Click 'Next'.
  5. Rename the Folder to 'Sent Mail Items'
  6. Give the folder a description if you desire.
  7. You can reposition the folder using the directional buttons on the right hand side of the dialog box.
  8. Click 'Next'
  9. In the Item Type area select only 'Mail'
  10. In the Item Source area select only 'Sent'
  11. Make sure that the 'Find new matching items each time the folder is opened' check box is checked.
  12. Click 'Next'
  13. If you wish you can change the display settings.
  14. Click finish.

Now a new folder named 'Sent Mail Items' has been created in the location you have specified. Now if you are looking for that mail item that you sent Bob in accounting last week, you don't have to sort through 200 tasks that you sent this week along with all the other items. All you have to deal with is the mail items.

To create another folder for another type instead of selecting the Item Type as Mail select any other item type.

If you are having to look though a lot of items that have the same type then using this folder in conjunction with a filter can be a great way to reduce the time you spend looking for the right item.

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