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Tip: Sorting "Frequent Contacts" for Name Completion

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By Jeff Gardiner

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Posted: 3 Jul 2003

Problem: Frequent contact folder has multiple listings for people with more than one e-mail address.

Have you ever sent a GroupWise e-mail to "John Doe" and had a dialog box pop up asking which "John Doe" you meant..... "DoeJ@gw02" or ""?

This can happen when you send or receive e-mail from people at their work and home or other addresses, and these get added to the frequent contacts address book.

Solution: When you see this happen, open the Address Book, sort the column by name by dragging the name column header to the left and locate the entries for John Doe. Highlight the entry that corresponds to eg."" and click on Information.

Where the dialog box shows the "John Doe" name, just amend it so it says "John Doe-home"

The next time you send an e-mail to John Doe, the first pop-up name completion will be the work address (and you can scroll to the next one in the list with the down arrow if you want to reach him at the alternate address).

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