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How to create a "Jobs ToDo" or "Uncompleted Tasks" folder

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By Philipp Orth

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Posted: 17 Jul 2003

Problem: Since the Task List is a Find Results Folder with no advanced parameters, if you complete a task it will still show up in the Task List.

This tip is related to - I think, my solution is somewhat more practicable.


How to create a "Jobs ToDo" or "Uncompleted Tasks" folder:

  1. Click File > New > Folder.

  2. Click Find Results Folder.

  3. Click Custom Find Results Folder > click Next.

  4. Type in the name for your folder, e.g.: Jobs ToDo.

  5. Position the folder where you want it in the Folder List > click Next.

  6. Specify the search criteria:
    1. Under Item Type, select Task.
    2. Under Item Source, select all sources.
    3. Under Look in:, select the folders you want to searched in for uncompleted tasks (should be at least the mailbox).

  7. Select Find New Matching Items Each Time the Folder Is Opened.

  8. Now, click on the Advanced Find Button.

  9. In the first drop-down list, select Item Status > select ! Does Not Include > in the next drop- down box, select Completed, and in the last box, select New Group. In the next box, select And.

    In the 2nd drop-down list, select Item Source > = (Equal to) > Received > Or.

    For the 3rd drop-down list, use Item Source > = (Equal to) > Posted > End.

    Check OK. That's it. (Don't ask me why the second group is needed - but it won't work without it.)

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