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Tip: Create a Shredder Folder to Delete and Empty Items

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By Jon Eveland

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Posted: 7 Aug 2003

Problem: You receive tens or hundreds of messages per day. Many are "status" messages from your systems administrator. Or perhaps you receive lots of spam. If you delete a message, then decide you need it back, it's hidden among the hundreds of deleted messages you don't want.

Solution: Create a "shredder" folder that automatically empties items filed into it. Then, drag and drop items that you *really* don't want into the shredder instead of the trash. If you're particularly brave, you can even create rules that file messages into the shredder.


  1. Click File > New > Folder.
  2. Click Personal Folder > click Next.
  3. Type in a name for your folder, e.g. "shredder".
  4. Position the folder where you want it in the folder list (mine is next to the trash) > click Next > click Finish.
  5. Click Tools > Rules > New.
  6. Name your rule, e.g. "shredder".
  7. Change "When event is" to Filed Item.
  8. Change "Select folder" to be the shredder folder.
  9. Click on "Add action" > Empty item.
  10. Click Save > Close.

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