Modify WebAccess Template to Save a Sender's Address

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By Brian Anderson

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Posted: 4 Sep 2003

Problem: Users want to save a sender's address while in GroupWise WebAccess.

Solution: Modify the msgitem.htt file.

The modification will put a new 'button' on the top-right of a message item and when clicked will fill out enough information ( display name and email address ) to save a sender's address.

I've only tested on GroupWise 6.5 sp1, but should work with GroupWise 5.5 >.


Here are the additional lines to add to the msgitem.htt ( located way down in \sys\tomcat\33\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes\com\novell\webaccess\templates\frames )

{ note - line #'s from 6.5 sp1 templates are approximate }

at about line 782, after the 'Properties' section add the following lines: ( watch wrapping! )

{! --------------- Save Sender -------------------- }

<TD align=center {IF Browser.name == "NSN" || Browser.name == "MOZILLA" && Browser.mjrVer <= 4} class="nsnTableDefined"{ENDIF}>
{INC colCnt}
{SET Treplace = '"'}
{SET Reply.to = replaceWith(Item.from, Treplace, "")}
{IF find(Reply.to, "<") > -1 }
{SET INET.addr =1 + find(Reply.to, '<') }
{SET Reply.to = substring(Reply.to,INET.addr,(length(Reply.to)- INET.addr)}
{SET Reply.to = substring(Reply.to,0,(length(Reply.to)- 1)}
{SET Display.to = Reply.to }
{IF find(Reply.to, "@") < 0 }
{SET Reply.to = Item.fromFullId }
{SET Display.to = Item.from }
{IF find(Item.from, '"') = 0 }
{SET Display.to = Item.from }
{SET Display.to = substring(Display.to,1,(length(Display.to) -1)}
{SET Quote.pos = find(Display.to, '"') }
{SET Display.to = substring(Display.to,0,(Quote.pos )}

<A href="{VAR Home.url}?User.context={VAR User.context} &action=Directory.List&merge=addradd&error=addradd&Url.Directory.action=ADD&Url.Ab.Add.person= &Compose.id=1&Url.Enclosure.type=&Url.composing=&Directory.Item.displayName={VAR Display.to}&Directory.Item.email={VAR Reply.to}" onclick='popout("{VAR Home.url}?User.context={VAR User.context}&action=Directory.List&merge=addradd&error=addradd&Url.Directory.action=ADD&Url.Ab.Add.person= &Compose.id=1&Url.Enclosure.type=&Url.composing=&Directory.Item.displayName={VAR Display.to}&Directory.Item.email={VAR Reply.to}", "_blank"); return false;'>Save Sender</A>

Save the file, then restart tomcat & that's all there is to it.

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