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How to Edit a GroupWise .NAB File

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By Wayne Lasson

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Posted: 18 Sep 2003

  1. Launch your spreadsheet program, (using Microsoft Excel for this example)
         Select File | Open, browse to the location of the NAB file and open it.
         Select Delimited, and Next.

  2. On screen two of three for the Delimiter select Comma, for the Text Qualifier select {none}, then click on Finish.

  3. Now highlight and modify or delete the entries that you want to change or remove.

  4. Next press CTRL-A to select all of the data in the spreadsheet, then press CTRL-C to copy that data.

  5. Open up a new text file with Notepad and copy all of the spreadsheet to the new file.

  6. Save the new text file.

  7. Now open the document with your word processor. (using Microsoft Word for this example)

  8. Once Microsoft Word has opened the document, press CTRL-F to open the Find and Replace dialogue.
    Click on the Replace tab, then place your cursor in the "Find what" box.

  9. Now click on the Special button at the bottom of the screen and select "Tab Character."

  10. In the "Replace with" field you should place a comma as seen below.

  11. Now click on "Replace All"

  12. Close the find dialog.
    Now save the document.
    When you do so you will be asked if you want to keep the document as plain text.
    Click Yes.

  13. Now rename the *.txt file to *.NAB

  14. Now double click on the NAB file to reimport it into the GroupWise Address Book. Select the address book where you want the new entries to appear.

  15. Open the selected address book and watch the entries appear.

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