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How to Share the Checklist Folder

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By Tim Snyder

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Posted: 25 Sep 2003

Ever since we upgraded to GroupWise 6.5 I have wanted to take advantage of the checklist folder. I started out by making a rule to have any mail that came to me via the help requester (a distribution address of automatically dump into my checklist folder.

This has worked very well, and my co-workers and I have been able to keep track of the help tickets themselves in this way. However, if I marked one of them completed on my checklist my co-workers had no idea unless I told them.

There had to be a way to share this "checklist" of helptickets that we had. When GW65 SP1 came out, I saw in a TID that you were able to share a checklist and I installed SP1 for that more than anything else. However, I still could not share my checklist folder. But, with help from Howard Tayler from the GroupWise forum, we came up with a solution.

So, in order to have a "shared help request checklist" follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a distribution address of and configure your help requester policies to send to this address.

  2. Put yourself (or whomever is to be the main holder of the checklist) in the distr.

  3. Create a shared folder
    1. follow dialogue and add appropriate users
    2. change "setting name" to checklist to make it a checklist folder.
    3. add comment to user(s) and then click on Finish.

  4. Create a rule that triggers on your helpticket item.
    1. For any mail that has in the "to" line add the following "actions"
      1. MOVE to your Checklist folder
      2. LINK to the new shared folder

  5. Have the other user(s) "right click" on their new shared folder and choose properties-
    1. choose display tab
    2. change "setting name" to checklist and then click OK.

From now on, any help request will automatically show up in your checklist folder and your shared folder. Your other user(s) will also see them, and if any one of you marks one of the items complete you will all see it completed.

You can also use this for shared task lists, or anything else you would want to have multiple people be able to share in keeping up with your tasks!!

Tim Snyder
Network Specialist
Blackville-Hilda Public Schools

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