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How to do a Mass Change on User Visibility

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By Sheila Howard

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Posted: 9 Oct 2003

Problem: Several of our templates had the GroupWise visibility set to domain instead of system. We did not catch this error for several months. A professor brought it to our attention that there were several students that did not appear in his address book. I needed to do a mass change on user visibility. The only information I could find via the forums was a non-shareware program. I had been playing with ldap files for adding attributes to enable MAC users to automount their home directory and figured there had to be away to change GroupWise visability.

Solution: I used the ConsoleOne wizard to export all users with an attribute filter of cn and nGWvisibility. Then I used a stardard text editor to modify the nGWvisibility attribute.

dn: cn=username,ou=Student-KL,ou=Users,ou=AU-Main,o=ASHLANDU
changetype: modify
replace: nGWvisibility
nGWvisibility: 2
#cn: username

I then reimported the ldif file.

Afterwards, the users need to be sychronized or a rebuild run on the postoffice.

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