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Using XP Remote Desktop Assistance with GroupWise

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By Brian Anderson

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Posted: 20 Nov 2003

Problem: We wanted to be able to take advantage of XP's remote desktop assistance, but the remote assistance request feature did not seem to work well with GroupWise.

Solution: We found that by editing the following file:

( watch wrapping )
C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Vendors\CN=Microsoft Corporation,L=Redmond,S=Washington,C=US\Remote Assistance\Escalation\Email\rcscreen5.htm

and replacing some of the code with GroupWise ObjectAPI calls it can be made to work well with GroupWise.


Starting on line 349, change the following: ( again, watch wrapping )

oSmapi.Subject = L_SUBJECT_Text + parent.sFrom;
oSmapi.AttachedXMLFile = IncidentFile;

to :

var oGW = new ActiveXObject("NovellGroupWareSession");
var oaccount = oGW.Login("","");
var omessage = oaccount.MailBox.Messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL", "Draft");
var orecipient = omessage.Recipients.Add(parent.sTo);
omessage.Subject.PlainText = L_SUBJECT_Text + parent.sFrom;
omessage.BodyText.PlainText = oInc.UserName+L_LINE1_Text+L_DESCRIPTION_Text+

Now all you have to do is push the edited file to your XP workstations via ZENworks, login script, etc.

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