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Configure GroupWise for Authenticated SMTP

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By Birgit Jung

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Posted: 25 Nov 2003


A widespread issue many administrators have to deal with and even experienced knowledgebase users don't have a suitable solution for.

It is quite usual for small and medium sized businesses to have no static IP addresses for internet access. Therefore they cannot use only gwia to send their messages - at least to reliably address domains that do a reverse lookup.

So a popular configuration in this case is to use the PFA for inbound mail and an smtp forwarding host in the internet for outbound smtp traffic. If the remote forwarding host is an smtp relay agent and asks for authentication before accepting your mail you can use gwauth.cfg to pass your authentication information.

Solution: Simply create a gwauth.cfg in the domain\wpgate\gwia directory.

Add your SMPT Relay Host that requires authentication to gwauth.cfg with the following format:

domain_name authuser authpassword <return>

That's it. No further action should be required apart from possibly restart gwia to get the settings active.

Tested with GroupWise 6 (at least fgwia64e) & Groupwise 6.5 SP1.

Do not mix it up with the /forceoutboundauth switch in gwia.cfg...
This switch also checks the gwauth.cfg but will only send to domains listed in this file.

See also: Configuring SMTP Host Authentication in the GroupWise 6.5 online documentation.

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