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Create Folder to display all Sent items in GroupWise 6.5

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By Anand Sinha

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Posted: 4 Dec 2003

Problem: Starting with Groupwise 6.5, if a sent item is moved to a folder other than Mailbox/Calendar, it no longer displays in the Sent Items folder.

So, there is no "one" location to see all of the mail sent by me.


  1. Create a new folder ( File > New > Folder )

  2. Choose "Find Results Folder" :: "Predefined Search Results Folder" :: "All Sent Items"

  3. Check the "modify predefined find results folder" option.

  4. On the next screen, give it an appropriate name (say "All Sent Items")

  5. On the next screen, ensure that you supply your name in the "From/Author" field. Doing so will ensure that you do not 'see' mails sent by others if such mails are present in some other folder.

  6. Go to the next screen, and you are done.
You have created a folder where you would be able to see all the mails sent by you. (Same functionality as in pre-6.5 days!)

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