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Junk Mail Handling Tip

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By Michael Bruner

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Posted: 12 Feb 2004

Problem from user:

I can't receive email from some outside senders. Some email is coming in, but a few people have called and said that they have sent me email that I never received. Also, the GWGuardian SPAM and Antivirus report that most people are receiving is not arriving.


By sending a few emails from hotmail to the user, we could see that the email was making it to the GWIA. We could see it in the log. So, the question became, why was it not arriving to the user's mailbox?

After researching the issue, we found that the user had accidentally selected Enable Junk Mail using personal address book. With this option selected, the user would not receive mail from anyone that they hadn't added to their personal address book, or that was in their frequent contacts address book because they had previously sent the user an email. Anyone else would be rejected and deleted.

By unchecking the Enable Junk Mail using personal address book option and checking the Enable Junk List option this resolved most of the problems, but he still was unable to receive the email from GWGuardian.

I decided to add to the trusted list and received a message stating that the address was being moved from the block list to the trust list. This told me that the user had mistakenly added that user to blocked list, thus, he was not receiving the reports from GWGuardian.

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