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Enabling Smart Purge

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Posted: 19 Feb 2004

Novell Technical Support: TID10091199

Smart Purge is a new feature that integrates the use of the GroupWise Backup utility with related GroupWise features such as Purge, Archive, and Disk Space Management. Smart Purge ensures that GroupWise items will not be purged from the system prior to a backup process.

Smart Purge relies on the GroupWise Target Service Agent (GWTSA) for executing a specialized backup process. After you have properly backed up your GroupWise data, you can set up a restore area so that users can restore items that have already been emptied from the Trash.

See: TID10083110 "Delete and Empty purging items not backed up" See also: Novell Courseware (3014) for GroupWise 6.5 Administrator page 3-44 "Enable Smart Purge" Also page 3-73 in the GW 6 Admin Courseware manual.

(From the Novell GW 6 Courseware manual)

Smart Purge ensures that GroupWise items will not be purged from the system prior to backup. As part of the backup, the GWTSA places a time stamp on each database that is backed up.

This time stamp is used by the GroupWise client or POA for related GroupWise features such as purge, archive, and disk space management.

To enable Smart Purge:

  1. From ConsoleOne select Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Client > Options > Environment > Cleanup.

  2. Deselect "Allow purge of items not backed up". When you deselect this option, you are prompted before purging items that have not been backed up.

  3. If you want the GroupWise client to prompt you before purging items that have not been backed up, select "Prompt before purging."

Smart Purge relies on GWTSA to execute the backup process and place the time stamp on the databases that are backed up.

If you use a third-party backup utility and Smart Purge, you must generate the time stamp on the databases.

(see manual for more details on "Using the GW backup time stamp Utility")

Limitations of Smart Purge

  • When users archive messages, the messages are deleted from the main GroupWise system, even if they have not been backed up.

  • The GroupWise MAPI message store provider does not enforce Smart Purge. Consequently, the Smart Purge setting has no effect on users using a MAPI client such as Outlook to access their GroupWise mailboxes.
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