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Controlling Who Sends to Everyone

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By Paul Caron

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Posted: 26 Feb 2004

Problem: We needed a way to send controlled Everyone emails, across multiple domains and some post offices, such that only designated staff can send these emails. Also needed the ability for Executives to send these emails, without their personal mailbox getting clogged with auto-vacation responses.

Solution: As SYS Admin, create a personal Address book (Call it Everyone for example). Create a new email and choose to BC the various domains and individual post offices (we have a post office in one domain that we do not want them to receive any of these emails). Then choose to go to the address book and select the option to Save Group and save the entry in your Everyone personal address book.

Create email accounts called President, Executive Vice-President. Give the respective people and their secretaries full proxy access.

Share the Everyone address book, read only, with the President's account and the Executive Vice-President's account. You go into each account and accept the Sharing request. When they wish to send an email, they proxy to the account, compose their email, go to the address book, select the everyone address book and choose the Everyone group. In this case, the user can put the everyone group in the TO field - the recipients are designated in the BC field.

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