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Cool Tip for GroupWise WebAccess Login Problem for New Users

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By Jerry Banks

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Posted: 25 Mar 2004


During a new GroupWise user creation, the user wanted to access their account from the Web (GroupWise WebAccess). Using GroupWise 6.0 SP4, Novell Small Business Suite 6.0 as the base, the user could not access their own account via the Web. We recently updated from GroupWise 5.5.5 to GroupWise 6.01 prior to the new user being added, then to SP4. no change. In ConsoleOne, I specifically added the same user password, disabling NDS synch, cleared the user password, enabled NDS synch, all no change.

Some users who already accessed GroupWise locally had the same problem, including the admin. I ran DSREPAIR, and followed various TIDs on D115 errors, password errors, and other functions, still no change.


I had the user login FIRST using the local client, then open TOOLS|OPTIONS|SECURITY, add the password for the NDS, add NDS Single Sign-on. Then the user was able to login via the Web. Local access still functioning without password using NDS. SP4 fixed the local client NDS password difficulty existing previously.


Should a user not be able to login on the Web, make sure their account is accessed locally with the GroupWise client, prior to accessing the Web and then add a password. WebAccess will recognize their password and allow access.

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