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Backing up a GroupWise Archive to a CD

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By Sharon Humphrey

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Posted: 8 Apr 2004

Backing up a GroupWise Archive to a CD
(and how to restore and read it)

The standard GroupWise archive directory is: C:\archmail

You can burn this directory to a cd in order to backup your GroupWise archive.

The tricky part is restoring it and reading it. It's really not that hard. Here's what you do:

  1. Create this directory: c:\archmailbackup

  2. Copy the archmail directory from the cd to this directory. It will look like this: c:\archmailbackup\archmail

  3. Right click on the archmail directory and choose Properties. For Windows 2000 it will bring up a box like below. Uncheck Read Only and it will bring up a second box that confirms your choice. Be sure to check "apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files."

  4. Go into GroupWise and choose Tools, Options, File Location, Environment. Change the archive directory path to c:\archmailbackup\archmail. Choose ok, go back into your mailbox and choose File, Open Archive. You should be able to read your backup archive directory.

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