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Tip: Fix for Corrupted Week and Calendar View

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By Tom Stone

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Posted: 29 Apr 2004


I have noticed that installations of GroupWise 6 and higher can corrupt the Week and Calendar view that also shows 3 months along the left side of the display. The corrupted view will only show one month and it will cause strange indenting on the weekly view.

It turns out that the GroupWise client always gets its calendar view information from the POA even when in TCPIP client-server mode. If you open a local view file, it looks great but if you open the Week and Calendar view from the button bar, it might be corrupted.


Your mileage may vary but this is what worked for me at 4 different client sites.

  • Rename the USWEEK2.VEW file located in the <GWPostOfficeDirectory>\OFVIEWS\WIN\ directory to USWEEK2.BAK.
  • Copy the USWEEK2.VEW file from the original CD or from an older copy of GroupWise to the <GWPostOfficeDirectory>\OFVIEWS\WIN\ directory.
  • Stop and restart the POA because it appears to cache this information.
  • Close and restart any effected clients.
The Week and Calendar view should be fixed when you open it again.

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