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Cool Tip to fix a GroupWise Client that won't Launch

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By Rene Ramirez

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Posted: 13 May 2004


Sometimes when GroupWise is closed and then reopened, it will look like the application is launching, but nothing will happen even if notify is still running.


The problem is caused when GroupWise is in the middle of a process, auto archiving for example, is closed, and you attempt to re-launch the program.

The problem lies in that GroupWise attempts to finish the process it started and therefor believes it is still running.

This causes a fault in GWsync.exe which is still trying to finish the process.

The workaround for this is to hit CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, GO TO the Processes Tab, Select the GWSYNC.EXE process, and click on End Process. This will finish closing the GW process and re-launch GW. You will have to type in your password, and re-launch Notify if you so choose to do so. To re-launch Notify, you have to go to your Start Menu, then to Programs, then to GroupWise, and finally click on GroupWise Notify.

To prevent this from happening, you should launch GroupWise at startup, and minimize (not close) until the running process is completed.


User J has just setup his Auto Archiving feature in GroupWise. He continues to read his email, at which point GW begins the Auto Archive process. Because there has not been any archiving done in the past 3 years, this process will take a long time. J finishes reading his email, closes GroupWise, and then realizes that he needs to send an email message. J re-launches GroupWise and nothing happens. Notify is still running and functional. After getting frustrated J follows the steps above and a computer is saved from abuse.

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