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Creating a New Updated Software Distribution Directory (SDD)

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Posted: 3 Jun 2004

Novell Technical Support: TID10092846: Creating a new and updated Software Distribution Directory (SDD)

If you have mixed versions of files in your SDD, you will find it helpful to create a new clean SDD. You can create one on your local hard drive, then replace the one on the server.


  1. Have the original GW 6.5 CD's available.

  2. Download the support pack to your local hard drive and extract it.

  3. Create a folder called Software, Example c:\tmp\software

  4. Run SETUP.EXE/ or INSTALL.EXE located in the extracted patch folder. Select "Create or Update..."

  5. Proceed past the License screen which brings up a new dialog that says: "Before You Continue". Browse to the original GW 6.5 CD. Note: This prompt only happens once after the update. You need to extract the patch again and run setup to be prompted again.

  6. At the "Administration Options" screen select "copy files to..." only.

  7. At the "Software Distribution Directory" screen browse to c:\tmp\software

  8. At the "Novell GroupWise Partner Page" Choose finish. You can then cancel out of the install.

  9. Rename (or delete) the existing software folder on the network and copy this new one in its place. You can see the existing path to your SDD in ConsoleOne. Tools | GroupWise System Operations | Software Directory Management.

  10. Finished. Now you can update your agents or update ConsoleOne snapins from your new SDD.

Note: Individual GroupWise components can be updated by running the INSTALL.EXE from the appropriate SDD subdirectory. For example to install or update only the GroupWise Agents run INSTALL.EXE from the AGENTS subdirectory, and to install or update only GWIA run INSTALL.EXE from the INTERNET\GWIA subdirectory.

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