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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Enhance Productivity with the QuickViewer

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Posted: 17 Jun 2004

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enhance productivity with the QuickViewer

The GroupWise QuickViewer is an extremely useful tool, when you understand how to utilize it to its full potential and customize it to work the way you want. Let's take a closer look at the abilities of the QuickViewer.

turning it on & off

To turn on the QuickViewer, click View > QuickViewer or click the QuickView button on the toolbar. Once it is activated, you can select an item in the top frame and that item is displayed in the bottom frame (see figure 1). Once an item has been displayed, it is marked as Opened in its properties.

Figure 1

To turn it off, choose View > QuickViewer or click on the QuickView toolbar button again.

customizing the QuickViewer

Folder List

By default, the QuickViewer occupies the entire bottom of the program. This is great if you want to maximize the amount of space that displays your selected item, but this disadvantage is that the Folder List considerably shorter then most folks prefer.

The solution is to extend the Folder List back to its original length. Click View > QuickViewer > Long Folder List.


When you select an email that contains an attachment, you click on the attachment to view it. However, when you select an email that does not contain an attachment, then you end up with an empty window which consumes a fare amount of real estate on our screen.

The solution is to turn off the attachment window and access the attachment from the item header. Click View > QuickViewer > Attachment Window or click the Attachment Window button on the QuickViewer toolbar. Now the attachments are displayed in the upper-right corner of the item's header area.

controlling which folders display the QuickViewer

By default, once the QuickViewer is turned on it applies to all folders, including ones that you may not want, e.g. Calendar, Junk Mail, etc. In order to override this, you can control which folders will utilize the QuickViewer.

Select the folder that you do not want to display the QuickViewer and right-click it. Choose Properties and select the Display tab. At the bottom, place a checkmark in Override QuickViewer visibility (see figure 2). Do not check Show QuickViewer. This will force it to not show in this folder. Repeat this step for each folder that you do not want to display the QuickViewer.

Figure 2

By customizing and utilizing the QuickViewer, you can review your email faster and you may never have to double-click an email to read its contents ever again.

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