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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Quickly Search a Co-Workers Schedule

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Posted: 1 Jul 2004

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quickly search a co-workers schedule

Have you ever wanted to know if a co-worker is available next week some time? You might want to schedule a meeting or plan a lunch date. GroupWise allows you to search the schedules of your fellow co-workers.

Usually, you would create an appointment, address the item, specify the date and time, and finally, perform a Busy Search for the appointment. However, this is quite a long process just to check on someone's availability. Instead of performing all those steps (especially when you might not even be scheduling a meeting), you can use the Busy Search feature without creating a supporting appointment.

searching anyone's schedule
  1. Click Tools > Busy Search? Enter the person(s) name(s) in the appropriate field (To: CC: or BC:).

    Figure 1:

    Tip: You can include yourself and a resource (such as a Conference Room or Projector) if needed.

  2. Click the Calendar button and select the date that you want to begin searching.

    Figure 2:

    Tip: You can click on the Month or the Year to display a menu of Months or Years instead of using the arrows pointing left and right to select the desired date.

  3. Specify the number of days to search.

  4. Click OK.
    Your co-workers schedule is displayed in the Choose Appointment Time window.

    Figure 3:

  5. (Optional) You can Click and Drag the black outline box to a date and time, then click the Request Meeting? button to create an appointment based on the information that you have outlined in the Choose Appointment Time window.

Now, whenever you need to scan anyone's schedule, you have the choice of creating the appointment, and then performing a Busy Search or simply performing the Busy Search upfront.

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