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Cool Tip: Rename Files and Directories that contain Uppercase Letters to Lowercase

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By Svetlin Petrov

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Posted: 8 Jul 2004


One of the requirements for moving an existing GroupWise system to Linux is "rename any files and directories that contain uppercase letters to all lower case" (taken from the GroupWise 6.5 Installaton Guide).


In the Linux world there are many possibilites for doing this - one of them is the usage of the chcase 1.2 perl script which can be downloaded from: (No current URL available)


Some of the instructions are:

  1. Download chcase: (No current URL available)
  2. Make it executable (eg: chmod 755 chcase)
  3. Move it to somewhere in your path (eg: mv chcase /usr/local/bin) or just copy it to the GroupWise directory (eg: /gwsystem)
  4. Run it (eg: ./chcase)

./chcase -e gives a nice output containing many examples.

So - if the GroupWise system is located in /gwsystem executing ./chcase -rd '*' from /gwsystem directory will convert all files and directories to lower case, starting from the current directory.

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