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Cool Tip: How to Remove the "Attach" Button in GroupWise WebAccess

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By Kamal Kotecha

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Posted: 15 Jul 2004


To minimize the threat of viruses coming through WebAccess Mail as an attachment, a cheap solution is to remove the "Attach" Button in webmail.


Edit the file in the following directory on the WebAccess Server:


Find the following lines in the code:

{! ---------- Attachments button ------------ }

And remove the following lines:

{IF {STRING Button.type} == "IMAGE"}
      <INPUT Type=image Name=Compose.Attach alt="{STRING Compose.Image.AltText.attach}"
title="{STRING Compose.Image.AltText.attach}"
         src="{VAR Templates.Images.url}/btnattach{STRING User.lang}.gif" border=0><BR>
      <INPUT TYPE="Submit" Name="Compose.Attach" Value="{STRING Compose.Button.Text.attach}"><BR>
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