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How to Reset an Unknown Cached Password

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By Jason Emery

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Posted: 15 Jul 2004

How to reset an unknown cached password.


I figured out the method for resetting a user's cached mailbox password if they forget what it was or mess something up when changing their eDir password.

  1. Cancel past the first login, this will bring you to the client connection screen.
  2. Choose online instead of the default cache option.
  3. Have the user put in their new online (Novell) password.
  4. When it prompts you to type in your cached password hit cancel.
  5. The system will then prompt them to input their online password again after they type it hit ok.
  6. The system will then ask if you want to use the online password to access the cached mailbox say yes.
  7. The system will then go through a synchronization process very similar to the initial cached mailbox setup after which you will be required to restart GW.

This beats deleting the cached mailbox and starting fresh. Please file this away as I know you will all be doing it at some point.


A user mistypes the cached password when creating the cached mailbox or forgets their cached password in the event of an eDir password change.

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