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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Create Multiple Checklist Folders

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Posted: 29 Jul 2004

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create multiple checklist folders

If you want to make a to-do list, but do not want the item to disappear from your labeled, organized folders, create a checklist within your other folders! Checklists can be made in every folder.

convert a folder into a checklist folder
  1. Right-click a folder and choose Properties.
  2. Select the Display tab.
  3. In the View By: field, choose Checklist.

  4. Click OK twice. Your folder is now configured as a Checklist.
using the checklist portion of a folder

At the top of the folder, there is now a new line which tells you to "Drag items here to add them to the checklist."

Click and Drag the to-do items to the Checklist portion of the folder. The Checklist area will always remain at the top.

Now you have a folder which contains a checklist across the top and the rest of your items listed below. If you need to remove something from the checklist area, click and drag it out of the top area back to the items below.

add the due date column to a folder

Now that the folder has to-do items in the Checklist, you may wish to assign a due date to the items and view this date easily in the folder. This is done by adding a Due Date Column.

  1. Right-Click the column headings across the top of the folder and choose More columns.

  2. Select Due Date in the Available columns: field and click << Add >>.
  3. (Optional) - Set the Column position by selecting Due Date in the Selected columns: field and choose Down or Up in the Column position area.
  4. (Optional) - Set the Column width by choosing the appropriate buttons in the Column width area across the bottom of the Select Columns window.

  5. Click OK.
using the master checklist folder

When there are multiple folders configured as a Checklist, the Checklist folder displays the items which have been physically moved there as well as the items which are placed in the checklist portion of any other folder. This makes it the complete, Master Checklist folder.

versions of GroupWise

This feature works only in GroupWise 6.5.

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