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Rules to Delete Spam and Viruses

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By Rob Prescott

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Posted: 29 Jul 2004


Large amounts of unwanted e-mail (spam) and viruses coming in e-mails to teaching staff, filling their mailboxes with garbage which makes sorting difficult and time consuming.


Two solutions that I have developed for our users:

  1. For viruses, I suggested that the staff create a set of rules which would separate the normal entry methods for viruses and automatically delete them. This rule includes .pif .scr .vbs and even .exe files. They have the option of sorting them into another folder or deleting them altogether. For the average user, I offered them this choice, but for users who do not understand virus prevention, I suggested strongly that they use the deletion method. I have experienced less than 10% of the viruses in my school environment (540 machines, 1100 users) than were experienced in smaller facilities in our district, and have lost no time to removing viruses from our systems.

    The combination in the Define conditions section is:
    Act on items where (Item type is mail) and Attachments does contain "*.vbs" OR Attachments does contain '*.pif' OR Attachments does contain '*.scr' OR Attachments does contain 'anything else that might bring in an unwanted program' END Action is EMPTY

  2. For SPAM, I suggested that users create a folder in their mailbox called, appropriately enough, GARBAGE, and then to create a rule which contained a list of allowed addresses or domains.

    The garbage rule was to be set up with the following conditions: if new mail arrives "From" "[/]does not contain" -allowed domain- OR "From" "[/]does not contain" -allowed address- OR "From" "[/]does not contain" -anything else they want to get through- AND "From" "[]contains" *@* (asterisk 'at symbol' asterisk) then the action was to move the mail to the newly created GARBAGE folder, where it could be reviewed when time permits, to ensure that mail that should have come through does get checked.

  3. The combination in the Define conditions section is:
    Act on items where (Item Type is Mail) and From [*](does not contain) allowed domain AND From [*] allowed address AND so on until the last one which is From [] does contain *@* END with ACTION being to Move to Folder GARBAGE.

This rule has not eliminated spam, but it has made things a little easier for users to check their mail and get the important work-related info. If they find mail that they need to receive is being funnelled into their GARBAGE folder, they can simply insert another rule prior to the final *@* line which does not contain that address or domain in the From field.

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