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The CNW Commander 2.21
Manage drives, directories, and files from the NetWare server console.
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Updated: 10 Jan 2005
File Size: 381KB
License: Shareware
Download 1:  cc.zip
Home Page: http://www.cnw.hu/ccnlm
Publisher: Róbert Hochenburger
E-mail: ccnlmTAKETHISOUT@cnw.hu
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

The CNW Commander is the ultimate file manager of the NetWare server console.

Its main features:

  • two panels
  • perform NDS and bindery authentication to remote servers
  • deal with local and remote volumes
  • history and favorites
  • full cluster-compatibility
  • access the local SYS:_NETWARE directory
  • deal with local DOS drives
  • handle DOS and LONG names
  • select directories/files
  • copy and rename/move directories/files
    • transfer long name, flags, rights, ownership, and directory space restriction
    • preserve compression
    • optional directory synchronization
    • a single copy operation can be scheduled
  • delete directories/files
  • create directories
  • set flags of directories/files
  • view and edit files
  • find files
    • find/salvage/purge deleted files
  • directory/file information
  • open file information
  • volume information
  • server information
  • compare panels
  • directory tree
  • purge deleted files
  • uncompress files
  • change the long name of single directories/files
  • open emergency console
  • restart local server in a brutal way
  • generate file SERVDATA.NDS
  • zip/unzip by using HRZIP.NLM/HRUNZIP.NLM
  • split file / join files
  • compare files by content