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Change Log Tool
Use DirXML to create a log of changes made to objects in your eDirectory tree(s).
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Posted: 19 Feb 2002
Created: 13 Feb 2002
File Size: 19KB
License: Free
Download 1:  changelog.zip
Publisher: Israel Forst
E-mail: iforstTAKETHISOUT@novell.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

A simple change log using the DirXML Skeleton Driver and the Advanced Java Classes. This is a rudimentary implementation but it can be modified to do just about anything.

The output file lists the Date/Time of the event (not the date/time of the event in eDir but rather the date/time that DirXML processes it), the Event Type, the object affected and the objectClass in a tab delimited format.

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