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VGadget 2.2
Get a quick status summary of all of the volumes on your NetWare servers.
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Updated: 23 Jul 2003
Created: 3 Apr 2003
File Size: 298KB
License: Shareware
Download 1:  vgadget.zip
Download 2: vgadget.zip
Publisher: The Gadget Factory
E-mail: nettech@ozemail.com.au
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

VGadget is a utility designed to give you a quick status summary of free space, total space, % full purge-able space, and a host of other fields, and the data can be sorted on any column.

The data can be copied to the clipboard for use in other programs, historical figures, etc.

You have the option of scanning all the servers you are connected to, or to scan all the servers in one of multiple user created lists.

VGadget will connect to the server if required.

No special rights are required to run VGadget.

Vgadget is a 32-bit NetWare program. As such it requires the workstation to use a Novell provided 32-bit client. The Microsoft client for NetWare provided with Win95 is not fully functional and does not supportVGadget.

For NetWare 3.x,4.x or 5.x Server.