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WSName 2.72a
Workstation renaming tool.
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Updated: 10 Sep 2004
Created: 25 Aug 2004
File Size: 221KB
License: Freeware
Download 1:  wsname272a.zip
Download 2: wsname272a.zip
Publisher: David Clarke
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Here's a tool called WSName that helps you change the name of workstations (both NetBIOS and Host) on Windows 9x and Win NT4. It is freeware. For more information see this article.

Operating Systems: Windows 9x, NT4, 2000, XP

It has a growing list of command line functions such as a "Post Ghost" mode, Reverse DNS support, Rename workstations within a domain (W2K/XP only).

- Ver 2.72a Added logic to skip Wireless adapters when using the MAC address - Ver 2.66 Updated the name validity checking to detect all-numeric names under Windows 2000 and above.
- Ver 2.6 Added Data File Mode (/RDF)
- Ver 2.51 Added OS version check to /RCID switch. Enabled /MCN for NT, 2K, XP
- Ver 2.5 Added the ability to rename workstations within a domain (W2K/XP only)

Check for the latest version @ http://mytoolsandstuff.tripod.com/wsname.html