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LANBoss Login 2.29
Provide a fast, customizable login from anywhere on an NDS network.
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Updated: 16 Jul 2003
File Size: 5.74MB
License: 30-Day Evaluation
Download 1:  setuplog.zip
Home Page: http://www.lanboss.com/Default.Asp?SP=/Asp/Products.asp?PROD=LOGIN&SECT=BRIEF
Publisher: Stephen A. Mott
E-mail: lbinfoTAKETHISOUT@lanboss.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

LANboss Login v2.29 offers a fast, customizable login from anywhere on the NDS network. Give your system a unique quality feel to the login process. This powerful software has many impressive features guaranteed to enhance the efficiency of your network login and give you a tailored 'corporate feel' to your desktops.

LANboss enables hot-desking, as users can access their account regardless of workstation configuration or NDS tree location. The last logged-in username is removed for added security. Enhance the HR and legal aspects of your network through controlled access, and post announcements, messages and corporate usage policies on the Login Dialog in a fully configurable messaging area. A single button press allows restricted access to a defined guest account, ideal for foyer, kiosk or casual use machines.

For more information see this article.

New in LANboss Login v2.29

  • Enhanced Console
  • Added Cancel button to searching dialogue
  • Fixed problem with Netware 4.83 Client on XP
  • Several minor bugfixes