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AVP 1.6 (Automated Volume Purge) Preview
Establish or maintain a preventative maintenance routine for your Novell servers (Volumes).
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Updated: 28 Oct 2003
Created: 19 May 2003
File Size: 2.53MB
License: Evaluation
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Home Page: http://www.innovativesoftsystems.com
Publisher: Innovative SoftSystems
E-mail: wadegTAKETHISOUT@innovativesoftsystems.com
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What will you find in 1.6?


  1. Select multiple volumes/servers for maintenance.
  2. Schedule purge to run off-hours (and you don't have to be there!!!)
  3. Set options to only delete files older then the number of days you specify.
  4. Can be loaded with Windows.
  5. Detailed logs - volume summary, detailed volume reporting, or per file logging.
  6. Ability to log files with standard media extensions. (See who's using up the disk space with mp3's, etc. and deleting them when you send out a system warning.)
  7. Ability to log files with extensions of your choosing. Looking for specific files being deleted? Just add the extension to the list and we'll log it!
  8. Minimum purgable space before purge will run. This way we don't run a purge for 500k or whatever you determine.
  9. Have the logs e-mailed to you... anywhere.


  1. Reduces administration time & costs.
  2. Keeps volumes healthy, reclaims Blocks & Directory entries for salvage system.
  3. Runs on a workstation, reduced risk of ABENDing your server.