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NETMON for NetWare 2
Network monitoring tool for NW server console.
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Updated: 13 Jun 2003
File Size: 68KB
License: Time-stamped demo
Download 1:  netmon2.nlm
Publisher: Rostislav Letos, ROLETOSoft
E-mail: supportTAKETHISOUT@roletosoft.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

This new generation of NETMON for NetWare significantly enhances functionalityof popular NETMON v.1!

New features include:

  1. Code completely rewritten for LibC (which also means NETMON v.2 cannot be loaded on 3.x/4.x servers).
  2. New and better looking front-end with more histograms, stats, and information.
  3. Multiple boards support-up to 4 boards can be monitored concurrently by default, but theoretically the number of monitored boards is unlimited.
  4. Alternate binding/monitoring method, which uses PRESCAN stack.
  5. New unique packet buffer implementation with clever WRAP FIFO functionality.
  6. Support for synchronous capturing operations on all currently active and monitored boards.
  7. Support for CAP file format.
  8. Program settings are internally stored.
  9. Enhanced filtering features.
  10. Significantly reduced o.s. and processor overhead.
  11. Multiprocessor support - NETMON v.2 is MT safe, which improves load balancing of your server.