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NWCopy 7.3
Drag-and-drop software distribution for NetWare file servers.
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Updated: 23 Jul 2003
File Size: 373KB
License: Evaluation
Download 1:  nwcopy.zip
Home Page: http://www.users.on.net/njpayne/
Publisher: Nick Payne
E-mail: njpayneTAKETHISOUT@internode.on.net
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

NWCopy provides drag-and-drop software distribution and file synchronization for NetWare file servers. It allows distribution of files and directories to multiple NetWare file servers by simply dragging the selected files from File Manager or Explorer and dropping them on the NWCopy window. There are many options for configuring how and when files are updated. NWCopy requires either Windows 95 or later, or Windows NT4 or later, with the Novell NetWare Client installed.

Full details on how to purchase NWCopy, including an order form and links to the online registration site, are available in the NWCopy help file. You can also link to the download and registration sites from the NWCopy help menu.

This program requires Windows 95 or later with the Novell client installed, or Windows NT 4 or later with the Novell client installed. It will not work on either system with the Microsoft NetWare Client, as this client does not support calls to the 32-bit NetWare API.