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UserSpace 1.3
Scan users' home directories and report how much space each user is consuming.
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Posted: 21 Aug 2001
File Size: 292KB
License: Shareware
Download 1:  uspace.zip
Publisher: The Gadget Factory
E-mail: nettech@ozemail.com.au
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

UserSpace is a Disk Usage Scanner which is specifically designed for Novell Networks.

UserSpace lets the administrator quickly check how much space is being used in each users home directory.

The data can be copied to the clipboard for further processing in a database or spreadsheet.

UserSpace is designed to work with the NDS and therefore requires Netware 4.x or higher servers.

UserSpace allows the you to specify the context from which you want to start the scan.

UserSpace is a 32bit program and as such will run on Windows 95 or Windows NT. It will not run on Windows 3.x.

UserSpace makes use of the Netware API, and requires that a Novell networking client be installed on the machine being used. The clients provided by Microsoft will not work.

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